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Tying information together in such a way that you have direct access where you need it, has been a goal for us from the beginning. That’s why our pattern instructions include shortlinks that bring you directly to the extra information on the subject on hand, if you need it. There’s no use for content that you don’t know exists, right? To make the package more complete, I’ve also wanted to give you easier access to the supplies you need to make our patterns. That’s why we’ve partnered with The Sweet Mercerie to point you in the right direction. Fashionable sweater fleece or French terry is not always easy to find, but The Sweet Mercerie has a great collection.

The Sweet Mercerie

The Sweet Mercerie is the creation of Yvonne Schaufler and Djelani Solin. Between them they have more than 20 years experience in the textile industry, working for different brands in Germany, Switzerland and France. In 2009 they moved from France to Portugal because of Yvonne’s job as collection coordinator for a textile production factory. They started the Sweet Mercerie because they felt they could fill a gap in the market. Back then, most of the fabrics available were either old fashioned and geared towards children’s clothing, or high end designer fabrics. Because of Yvonne’s connections to the textile production industry in Portugal she has access to fabrics that are on trend and used in modern clothing brands like Zara, Benetton, and Guess. This also means they can source their fabrics locally instead of importing from China like many big fabric shops.

The Sweet Mercerie is one of my favourite online fabric shops and I’ve ordered from them many times. Produced under good circumstances and on trend, what more do you want? I’ve used their fabrics in my Zircon samples, and you can too! The Sweet Mercerie is offering you a 15% discount on the recommended fabrics for the Zircon: sweater fleece, french terry, neoprene and quilted jersey. Use the code ‘ZIRCON’ at the checkout. This coupon is valid through Sunday Dec. 13th. Hint: these are also the recommended fabrics for the Jasper ;) Happy shopping!

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