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  1. Daily Life in the Morvan – Third Spring

    Spring has rushed into summer so fast this year, that the post I usually write at the turn of the season is two months late. The reason for this is that we have finally found what we have been looking for these past years: a place of our own! But let’s begin where our last post left off: at the beginning of Spring. A time where we started to recover from a tumultuous time with multiple moves with a newborn. We were still not sure what we wanted in terms of our own place, but we were trying not to get frustrated and were looking forward to a summer of just living our life in one place, without too much happening. [Read more]

  2. Daily Life in the Morvan: Third Summer & Autumn

    We’re well on our way to winter already, the temperatures have dropped and we just had our first snow today. But let’s go back to when it was warm and sunny, and we were walking around in dresses! Or, dirty T-shirts really, as our whole summer was taken up by renovating our new house. And, as it turned out, so was our autumn. This is because prior to us, the house belonged to an elderly couple. We’ve only seen their son, who told us they lived there for 18 years without really maintaining the house or the garden. It was habitable, but that’s about it. It was quite unbelievable (and also very visible) that an 80 year old woman had lived there by herself the last year. It was very cold, there were unfinished works, and it was so, so dirty. Our first idea was to only do the minimal work, move in at the 1st of October, and then spend the winter renovating the small house in the backyard so we could rent it out next summer. [Read more]

  3. Daily Life in the Morvan - 3rd Winter

    Daily Life in the Morvan – Third Winter

    Our third winter has again been quite different from the past two. I wasn’t looking forward to it because last winter seemed to be hard and lasted forever. Due to our multiple moves it seemed like spring came around much faster. This winter’s theme has been ‘doing nothing’. Ofcourse we haven’t really been doing nothing, but we just wanted to get some rest, and not make any immediate plans. After our second move to our current house, I was completely drained. I was still feeling the after effects of having a baby, the brain fog was only just starting to lift. We desperately needed to get some rest. And winter is perfect for that: there is not much to do in the garden, the weather isn’t very inviting most of the time, and our new (to us) couch has a high snuggle-up factor. [Read more]

  4. Daily Life in the Morvan: Second Autumn

    Months before Frida was born I knew having her would mean our yurt life would come to an end. It’s not that living in a yurt with a baby is impossible. We actually really enjoyed the two months that we had with her in the yurt. But we had been living with a certain amount of comfort that costs more energy than a more conventional lifestyle. The yurt is great in the summer, but the comfort level definitely goes down in the winter. Having a baby already takes so much energy on all kinds of levels, I felt like I couldn’t handle much more than that. We felt that this was the time to go back to a more conventional lifestyle, which for us meant moving to a house. [Read more]

  5. Yurt Mongolia

    Building Our Home: Choice

    If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you already know what has been occupying us for the past couple of weeks: we’re building our own home. I say home instead of house because, well, it’s not a house. It’s a yurt! In the coming weeks I’ll do a little series about this experience: how we came to this point, the building process (including lots of sewing!), and of course what my sewing space will look like in the end. Let’s start with how we got the idea in the first place. [Read more]