The instructions for the Jade skirt include steps to install an exposed zipper at the back. This is our favourite method since you won’t be able to see any seams on the outside. Besides our own tutorial, we’ve listed some other methods below that you could also use. Note that the zipper is an optional feature if you’re using a knit fabric.

Jade Skirt View A

First up is a video from Professor Pincushion that basically demonstrates the method we use for the Jade, but with a center back seam. If you need some visual guidance with your instructions, watch this one.

Professor PincushionHow to Sew an Exposed Zipper

Using a stay

Inseam studios has a clear tutorial on how to get a neat result by using a stay. Remember that you already have a lining and that a stay can produce some extra bulk. Follow the tutorial starting at step 4, since you don’t have a center back seam.

Inseam studiosHow to sew an exposed zip.

A super exposed zipper

This tutorial is by Threads Magazine and shows an exposed zipper where you’ll see the whole zipper including zipper tape on the outside when it’s done.

Threads MagazineHow to Sew an Exposed Zipper

The same technique is shown in this video, an episode of It’s Sew Easy with Gretchen Hirsch. Both these tutorials use a CB seam but they also work without one.

It’s Sew EasyHow to add an exposed zipper to a pencil skirt

If you know any other methods that could work for the Jade skirt, let us know in the comments!

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