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    Denali Vest for my Dad

    What’s the longest time you’ve waited to finish a promised garment? I just gifted my dad a Denali Vest I sewed for him, TWO YEARS overdue. Yes, I’m that bad. Don’t ask me to sew something for you. Oh even worse, he didn’t even ask me, I just offered. Well anyway, it was his 65th birthday a few weeks ago, and I managed to hammer in the snaps on that same day so he could finally wear it. Fortunately he still loved it, and proceeded to brag to his co-workers about his daughter who sews, as parents do. [Read more]

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    New Pattern: Jasper Crossover Collar Add-On

    Attention all Jasper lovers: there’s a new look to create with the Jasper Sweater & Dress pattern! The Jasper Crossover Collar Add-on can be used in conjunction with the Jasper pattern to create a modern crossover collar and a kangaroo pocket. The add-on includes full instructions and a new Front pattern piece to accommodate the higher neckline. The collar is lined and can be worn two ways, depending on your choice of fabric. With a stiff fabric you can shape it to sit upright, and with a lighter fabric you can also roll it down. A contrasting lining like we used in the sample is a fun way to add something extra. [Read more]

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    Daily Life in the Morvan: Third Summer & Autumn

    We’re well on our way to winter already, the temperatures have dropped and we just had our first snow today. But let’s go back to when it was warm and sunny, and we were walking around in dresses! Or, dirty T-shirts really, as our whole summer was taken up by renovating our new house. And, as it turned out, so was our autumn. This is because prior to us, the house belonged to an elderly couple. We’ve only seen their son, who told us they lived there for 18 years without really maintaining the house or the garden. It was habitable, but that’s about it. It was quite unbelievable (and also very visible) that an 80 year old woman had lived there by herself the last year. It was very cold, there were unfinished works, and it was so, so dirty. Our first idea was to only do the minimal work, move in at the 1st of October, and then spend the winter renovating the small house in the backyard so we could rent it out next summer. [Read more]

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    Ruby: Recommended Fabric

    I don’t know what it is with french terry and sweatshirt fleece, but I just love designing patterns for these comfortable fabrics. The Ruby is no exception: joggers are by definition meant to be made in them. Although the current trends fortunately allow you to find more options, such as stretch velvet. The pattern is drafted for a 10-20% stretch percentage. The instructions of the Ruby Joggers provide you with a handy stretch gauge so you can check the stretch of the fabric you want to use. And if it has more stretch, no worries: just size down to prevent the joggers coming out too big. If you’re not sure what to look for in a fabric shop: French Terry has a knit side and a looped side, sweatshirt fleece has a knit side and a soft, brushed back side. Let’s look at some fabric options! [Read more]

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    New Pattern: Ruby Joggers (+ Sale!)

    Everybody needs a pair of joggers – they’re just the most comfortable thing to wear on a day off. What has always bothered me about regular elastic waist or drawstring joggers though, is that they have so much fabric that bunches around the hips. It just seemed unnecessary to me, so I set out to create a pair of joggers that don’t make your hips (or belly) look twice the size. The Ruby Joggers are my answer, inspired by the Amber Trousers. They have the same (but re-shaped) V-shape wide yokes that create a smooth tummy area. There is elastic in the back yoke, but it is used as a stabiliser and doesn’t gather the fabric. There are two length options, a 3/4 length where the cuff sits just under the knee, and a full length option. Both views have roomy slash pockets to hold your essentials, finished with a welt strip. [Read more]