1. IG

    New Years Re’sew’lutions

    Now that we’re mostly settled in I’ve had some time to think about what I’d like to focus on this year. I’m really looking forward to getting creative again! Frida is past those all-consuming newborn months, which means I can start thinking of sewing again. Let’s be realistic though, until she goes to la crèche it’ll have to happen during nap times. With less time to spare, I’ve even more reason to think about what I’ll spend my precious time on. I thought some guidelines were in order lest I just order lots more fabric for projects I don’t have time for. Here’s what I came up with: [Read more]

  2. IMG_1427

    Daily Life in the Morvan: Second Autumn

    Months before Frida was born I knew having her would mean our yurt life would come to an end. It’s not that living in a yurt with a baby is impossible. We actually really enjoyed the two months that we had with her in the yurt. But we had been living with a certain amount of comfort that costs more energy than a more conventional lifestyle. The yurt is great in the summer, but the comfort level definitely goes down in the winter. Having a baby already takes so much energy on all kinds of levels, I felt like I couldn’t handle much more than that. We felt that this was the time to go back to a more conventional lifestyle, which for us meant moving to a house. [Read more]

  3. Paprika Patterns

    Sale! 25% off all Patterns

    There will be so many sales this weekend, either in honour of Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday, we thought we’d keep it simple and just hold a sale spanning all these days! And since you probably already need to remember lots of discount codes, there’s none needed for our sale. Just hop on over to the shop to get 25% off our patterns!  [Read more]

  4. Tweed Jade Skirt

    Showcase: Tweed Jade Skirt

    The great thing about sewing patterns in my opinion is that they’re just a starting point. You can play with them until you have something that makes the final garment even more awesome than the original design. Every time I come across someone who has done just that with one of our patterns it makes me so excited. I absolutely love playing a part in bringing someones imagination into reality. Today I’m showing off one of these makes: a tweed Jade Skirt by Sally Fort, aka TinkeringTimes. Below she’ll tell you what inspired her Jade skirt and how she made it. [Read more]

  5. Opal V-neck Add-on

    Opal Coat – & Cardigan V.2.0

    Since it’s release last winter I’ve also release a free V-neck add on, because it seemed an obvious option, as other people pointed out by altering it into a V-neck. Since then I have wanted to merge the two just to make it easier for you. I’ve managed to accomplish this in the past few weeks, and the new and updated Opal Coat – & Cardigan is now available in the shop! I’ve also altered the pattern and the instructions to allow for a coatigan version in a woven fabric. The V.2.0 now features three different necklines, three hem lengths, two sleeve lengths and two pocket options. Whew! [Read more]