1. Camí Dress

    Camí Dress

    Well here’s something you might not expect from me: a retro shirt dress with a full gathered skirt! I was chosen to pattern test Pauline Alice’s first sewing pattern, the Camí Dress. It’s not something I would make for myself, but I had lots of fun making it and it was so good to strengthen my skills that come with such a dress. And you know what? I kind of really like how it looks on me! [Read more]

  2. SJ Tee

    Sewing Quicky

    After ten days of working hard on the Jade and without touching my sewing machine, the urge to sew became to great to ignore. I needed instant satisfaction. Both fabric and pattern had been in my stash for over half a year, so it was time to pair them up. I timed myself during this project, because I was curious how long it would take me. Like Meg, I always underestimate the time some tasks take. Cutting for instance took me one hour. For such a simple project! Granted, the pattern is off grain (aaah, that’s why it was so cheap…) so that needed some extra attention. But it’s something to keep in mind when planning a project. But back to the project: I made myself a Sloppy Josephine. [Read more]

  3. TTT Jumpsuit 5

    Thrift Store Treasures #9

    It’s been way too long since the last Thrift Store Treasure! I was downtown for some errands and couldn’t help sneaking in the thriftshop that usually has the best stuff. Beautiful motorcycle jackets, 70’s shirts, vintage dresses. Not the shop you buy something for a couple of euro’s. I had tried on some dresses (very cool but either white, beige or yellow, they made me look like I had the flu) and then found this jumpsuit. I chuckled and tried it on. The mirror was occupied so I walked around the shop, putting my hands in the pockets. It was so comfortable, I was sold before I’d seen what I looked like! [Read more]

  4. Dye & Print Back

    Dye & Print

    The goal of the stamp workshop I attended a couple of months ago was ofcourse to print my own fabric. It took me a while to get there though. First I ordered fabric from the Dharma Trading, who sell all kinds of natural fabrics especially suited for dyeing. Miriam of Mad Mim had used a silk rayon blend for her printed scout tee, but I thought that was a bit on the sheer side so I went with a bamboo rayon blend. I also ordered their fiber reactive dyes in coral and safari grey. That bamboo-rayon blend is a wonderful fabric. The drape is so so nice, and I love that it’s a natural fabric. I’m thinking of getting a couple more yards, I could live in this stuff. [Read more]

  5. PPM5 Facings 2

    PPM #5 Playing with Facings

    This is the first project of the second book. It was hard to choose one, there are so many interesting patterns in this book. But I decided to start with something simple and wearable. There’s a series for patterns that show how to alter the neckline by altering the facing. Marianna already showed one of them on a dress. An interesting concept, changing the outside by shaping from within. [Read more]