1. Embroidery result

    Fun Repairwork With Embroidery

    I hear you thinking – how can repair work be fun?? It seems that mending clothes is one of the things a sewist dreads the most. Mending for others? Even worse! I am no exception, my repair pile is usually quite high. For me this has to do with aesthetics and the satisfaction of creating something beautiful. The thing that makes repair work so annoying for me is that you are usually not creating something pretty. Yes, it is wearable again, but does it look as good as before the tear? Even with a well done patch it’s usually a compromise at best. [Read more]

  2. SJ front 2

    Sloppy Jo & What We’re up to

    This blogpost is coming to you from within the cosy walls of a Mongolian yurt! We’re not in Mongolia though, but in the hills of la Marche, Italy. We’re alternating short periods of travelling with one month stays at organic farms (wwoofing). We’ve been travelling for five months now, and it seems we’ve figured out the right balance between travelling and working. The travel periods allow us to see different places and give the travel experience. The wwoofing gives us temporary homes where we learn a broad range of new skills, and also have a comfortable place (with internet!) to work on Paprika Patterns. [Read more]

  3. Espresso close-up

    Espresso Leggings on the Rocks

    I’ve mentioned my leggings before, but thought they were not interesting enough to show you. Now that I’ve used them for climbing and got some pretty pictures, it might be nice to show them anyway! I made these at the end of the summer. I chose them because I’d been wanting to try Cake Patterns and the interesting draft-your-own-size system but the other designs are not my style. I don’t even wear leggings usually, I prefer tights. I’m glad I brought these with me on the trip though, leggings are perfect for rock climbing.  [Read more]

  4. Moss bed

    Happy New Year!

    2013 is coming to an end! This has been a wonderful year with lots of big changes. We have turned our life around and are now living it exactly the way we want. Without a house and only a truck, seeing different parts of Europe, doing the jobs we love most and generally living life at a slower pace. The first half of the year was mostly about preparation, the second half mostly about adjusting to our new life. Paprika Patterns had its start, although we haven’t been able to get the first pattern out yet. It was difficult to get a good overview of all the work that needed to be done, and thus difficult to do some realistic planning. Alongside our lifestyle changes, the months just flew by. [Read more]

  5. Archer Cuff

    Archer Shirt

    I finally made something I can blog about! I have been making lots of stuff but they’re all prototypes for Paprika Patterns next pattern, so I want to wait with those for a bit. This make was born both because I really wanted to make a button down and because I needed something nice to wear to my grandfathers funeral. He passed a couple of weeks ago and we went back to the Netherlands for a few days to attend. My grandfather was known for his jokes and the funny little things he did, but also for always dressing like a gentleman. I didn’t bring any clothes with me that would be suitable so I decided to make myself an Archer for the occasion. [Read more]