1. Paper Trimmer

    How to Assemble PDF Patterns

    A not so Christmassy post from me today, but one that still might come in handy. I hope you’ve managed to plan some sewing time after the Christmas madness is over. I think those days until New Years are always so nice and quiet, perfect for catching up on projects. I’ll have to work on the next pattern, but it does involve sewing so I’m not complaining. If you’re planning to sew up some PDF patterns, here’s a quick work order and some helpful links. Merry Christmas and happy sewing!  [Read more]

  2. Test run

    Building Our Home: Construction

    In this episode you’ll read about how we built our yurt. If you want a yurt you have a few options: have one made in Mongolia, have someone local make it, or you can build it yourself. We did the latter and we’ve enjoyed the process a lot. First of all because we learned a ton, second because we found we work together really well, and third because ‘YAY we’re building our home!!’ . Rather than give you an account of our day by day process, I’ll go more into the experience than the technical stuff. You can check our Facebook if you want more details. For some background, let’s start with this cool infographic that shows the layers of a yurt. [Read more]

  3. Madame Sajou

    Fall/Winter Wardrobe & Paris

    Doing a summer palette has worked so well that I want to continue this for the cold seasons. It has helped me build a cohesive wardrobe and guided me through fabric shopping. I’ve chosen a new palette because that’s what one does with the change of seasons, I guess. It’s fun to work with a new set of colours. I’ve already made the first outfit that immediately got worn: to the sewing meetup in Paris! [Read more]

  4. Yurt Mongolia

    Building Our Home: Choice

    If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you already know what has been occupying us for the past couple of weeks: we’re building our own home. I say home instead of house because, well, it’s not a house. It’s a yurt! In the coming weeks I’ll do a little series about this experience: how we came to this point, the building process (including lots of sewing!), and of course what my sewing space will look like in the end. Let’s start with how we got the idea in the first place. [Read more]

  5. Mustard Jade & SJ

    Mustard Jade & Sloppy Stripes

    Despite the fact that the Jade has only been out for six weeks, I haven’t made myself a new Jade in six months. Kind of crazy, right, don’t I have to be an ambassador for my own patterns? But you know, I don’t wear skirts like this in summer. I wear them layered and with tights in autumn and winter. To celebrate the October launch I made myself a new one, kind of an ode to the first folded skirt. And since I need to build a wardrobe I made something to go with it: a striped Sloppy Jo. [Read more]