1. Burda size chart

    Size Charts vs Real Women

    I made an interesting discovery about sizing, combining the knowledge other pattern designers shared with us and the knowledge I gained making our first pattern. I’ve read something about this before, but I didn’t fully understand at the time. So in case that goes for you too, I’ll explain again here. A lot is said and discussed about the size charts different pattern designers use, whether they are based on actual women and the frustration that comes with not fitting into one size column. My survey showed that 78% of you generally do not fall within one size column, so this is a widespread problem. And one of the factors that are responsible for this, is the way sewing patterns are drafted. [Read more]

  2. Tie a Bow 6

    How to Tie a Bow

    Today I’ll show you how to tie a nice bow on the Musubu dress (or any other dress with a bow). Tying a bow when you’re looking at it from above can take some attempts to get it right. Follow the steps below and you”ll get it right the first time! [Read more]

  3. PPM4 Knot

    PPM #4 Knot Dress (Musubu)

    The results of the poll were very clear: 68% of you wanted to see the Musubu as my next project. 25% chose Dekoboko, and only 6% chose Otoshiana. So I guess you still have a preferance for pretty dresses with big bows, huh? It was funny to see the result, I thought as a pattern the Musubu was the least interesting and not something I’d wear even though it looks the most wearable. Turns out I was wrong! I had so much fun making this. And as a bonus it turned out to be very wearable even for me, so you chose well. Thanks for participating! I included some sewing instructions, because I have a feeling you’ll want to make one too. I’ll do a special post on how to tie a nice bow later this week. I hope it fulfills your expectations! [Read more]

  4. GBSB Season 1

    Lessons From the GBSB

    Have you been watching the Great British Sewing Bee? Did you like it? I loved it. Apart from the joy of watching other people sew, I liked that it gives sewing some exposure. I mean, our (mostly online) sewing community is usually a world quite hidden from the rest of our lives and those who don’t sew. Since we’ve started a pattern business I’m having a hard time changing my story. You know, when people ask you what you do. My algae story is a very clear one and people usually find it interesting. It sounds like I’m contributing something to this world. But when I say I’m starting a sewing pattern company, the response is mixed. “Do people still sew? They need patterns to do this? And they’re willing to pay money for these patterns?” [Read more]

  5. Ineke's Inspiration Wall

    Fabric Printing

    This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time! Ever since I saw MadMim’s hand printed Scout tee back in november. At the end of March, a friend of mine conveniently announced her first stamp making workshop, and I just had to go. It was wonderful! At first we were a bit hesitant about what to make, but once we got going the creative juices started flowing. Ineke, the girl who gave the workshop is very creative and talented, I loved her wall of inspiration. [Read more]