1. Paprika Patterns

    Sale! 25% off all Patterns

    There will be so many sales this weekend, either in honour of Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday, we thought we’d keep it simple and just hold a sale spanning all these days! And since you probably already need to remember lots of discount codes, there’s none needed for our sale. Just hop on over to the shop to get 25% off our patterns!  [Read more]

  2. Tweed Jade Skirt

    Showcase: Tweed Jade Skirt

    The great thing about sewing patterns in my opinion is that they’re just a starting point. You can play with them until you have something that makes the final garment even more awesome than the original design. Every time I come across someone who has done just that with one of our patterns it makes me so excited. I absolutely love playing a part in bringing someones imagination into reality. Today I’m showing off one of these makes: a tweed Jade Skirt by Sally Fort, aka TinkeringTimes. Below she’ll tell you what inspired her Jade skirt and how she made it. [Read more]

  3. Opal V-neck Add-on

    Opal Coat – & Cardigan V.2.0

    Since it’s release last winter I’ve also release a free V-neck add on, because it seemed an obvious option, as other people pointed out by altering it into a V-neck. Since then I have wanted to merge the two just to make it easier for you. I’ve managed to accomplish this in the past few weeks, and the new and updated Opal Coat – & Cardigan is now available in the shop! I’ve also altered the pattern and the instructions to allow for a coatigan version in a woven fabric. The V.2.0 now features three different necklines, three hem lengths, two sleeve lengths and two pocket options. Whew! [Read more]

  4. Daily Life in a Yurt: Second Summer

    Daily Life in a Yurt: Second Summer

    It is with a bittersweet feeling that I write this post, for this summer has been our last season in the yurt, at least for a while. When we moved in on Christmas eve 2014, we thought it would be just a temporary solution, for a couple of months at the most. We started looking for a piece of land to buy right away, thinking it wouldn’t take too long for us to find something. As we’ve learned (and heard from others in similar situations), ‘temporary’ is always longer than you think. A few months turned into almost two years, and though the search for land has been a bit frustrating at times, living in the yurt, for the most part, certainly hasn’t. We’ve tried to enjoy the yurt as much as possible this summer, although we had a lot of other stuff on our mind as well. [Read more]

  5. IMG_8017

    Meet Our Little Frida!

    She’s here! Frida St├ęphanie was born one day after her due date, on the 12th of August at 7 lbs 6 oz (3390 gr), 19.5″ (50 cm) long. Her second name comes from my grandmother, the one who taught me to sew, with an accent on the ‘e’ so the French know how to pronounce it.

    It’s been just wonderful to finally have her with us. We’re adjusting well to our new life, although this new low energy level takes some getting used to. I’ll also share a bit of her birth although (fortunately) it’s not as spectacular/scary as Erin’s birth story. She lived all pregnant moms nightmare when her little girl was born in the car on the way to the hospital. We were slightly worried something like that might happen to us, since our hospital was a 1hr15m drive away, but we needn’t have worried – she was still 9 hours away from being born when we got to the hospital. [Read more]