1. Daily Life in a Yurt: Second Summer

    Daily Life in a Yurt: Second Summer

    It is with a bittersweet feeling that I write this post, for this summer has been our last season in the yurt, at least for a while. When we moved in on Christmas eve 2014, we thought it would be just a temporary solution, for a couple of months at the most. We started looking for a piece of land to buy right away, thinking it wouldn’t take too long for us to find something. As we’ve learned (and heard from others in similar situations), ‘temporary’ is always longer than you think. A few months turned into almost two years, and though the search for land has been a bit frustrating at times, living in the yurt, for the most part, certainly hasn’t. We’ve tried to enjoy the yurt as much as possible this summer, although we had a lot of other stuff on our mind as well. [Read more]

  2. IMG_8017

    Meet Our Little Frida!

    She’s here! Frida St├ęphanie was born one day after her due date, on the 12th of August at 7 lbs 6 oz (3390 gr), 19.5″ (50 cm) long. Her second name comes from my grandmother, the one who taught me to sew, with an accent on the ‘e’ so the French know how to pronounce it.

    It’s been just wonderful to finally have her with us. We’re adjusting well to our new life, although this new low energy level takes some getting used to. I’ll also share a bit of her birth although (fortunately) it’s not as spectacular/scary as Erin’s birth story. She lived all pregnant moms nightmare when her little girl was born in the car on the way to the hospital. We were slightly worried something like that might happen to us, since our hospital was a 1hr15m drive away, but we needn’t have worried – she was still 9 hours away from being born when we got to the hospital. [Read more]

  3. Southport dress hack

    One Last Project – Southport Hack

    I thought I’d take a break from blogging for a while, but this weekend I made I dress I think deserves more than just an IG pic. We’ve been having some hot days lately and I was in need of something floaty and light. I’ve been wearing my thriftstore dress loads but since you can’t wear the same thing every day, I rummaged around in my ‘normal clothes’ to see if there was anything I could alter to fit. And behold, not only did I re-discover my Southport, it still fits! I just took out the waist strap and tied it higher. This gave me the idea to make another, altered version that would be even better and then the ideas started flowing. So here’s yet another Southport hack! [Read more]

  4. Baby Bodysuit

    Tiny Couture

    So a few weeks ago I wrote about how I’m not sewing for baby, but it turns out things can change! As long as I still had a while to go it was more rewarding to sew for myself, but with only 4 weeks left I don’t see the point anymore. Instead the cute tiny clothes are tempting me now, so I’ve sewed some stuff for the baby anyway. I’ve made a couple of things on the serger, which is really fast (and such short seams!), but they’re not that special. As with my own garments, an involved project like a button down is much more satisfying, and this seemed like a tiny version of that. [Read more]

  5. Refashioning Grandma's Dress

    TST #11: Updating Grandma’s Dress

    Somehow my sewing-for-fun plans haven’t progressed much the past few weeks. Time seems to go so fast in this last stretch (6 weeks to go!), and I’m trying to balance sewing with baby prep, working, and adulting like buying a new car and wrestling with French institutions over boring admin stuff. I now also spend some time ‘resting’ every day, something I had not factored in. I’m not used to low energy levels! Not surprisingly, time consuming sewing projects get pushed to the bottom because the other stuff just has to get done. Fortunately making something from scratch isn’t the only way to fill your wardrobe gaps: refashioning can save a lot of time! As was the case with this project: just an afternoon of alterations and I have a much needed summer dress. [Read more]