1. New Pattern: Ruby Joggers (+ Sale!)

    Everybody needs a pair of joggers – they’re just the most comfortable thing to wear on a day off. What has always bothered me about regular elastic waist or drawstring joggers though, is that they have so much fabric that bunches around the hips. It just seemed unnecessary to me, so I set out to create a pair of joggers that don’t make your hips (or belly) look twice the size. The Ruby Joggers are my answer, inspired by the Amber Trousers. They have the same (but re-shaped) V-shape wide yokes that create a smooth tummy area. There is elastic in the back yoke, but it is used as a stabiliser and doesn’t gather the fabric. There are two length options, a 3/4 length where the cuff sits just under the knee, and a full length option. Both views have roomy slash pockets to hold your essentials, finished with a welt strip. [Read more]

  2. Ruby Joggers by Paprika Patterns

    Weekend Sale – 20% off all Patterns

    Hi! Just a quick note to say that we will be having a sale from Friday to Monday, starting at 12:00 CET (Paris timezone). All our patterns will be 20% off, and that includes the new pattern we’re also releasing tomorrow! You don’t need a code, they are already discounted in the shop. We don’t have sales very often so now is your chance. Happy sewing! [Read more]

  3. Daily Life in the Morvan – Third Spring

    Spring has rushed into summer so fast this year, that the post I usually write at the turn of the season is two months late. The reason for this is that we have finally found what we have been looking for these past years: a place of our own! But let’s begin where our last post left off: at the beginning of Spring. A time where we started to recover from a tumultuous time with multiple moves with a newborn. We were still not sure what we wanted in terms of our own place, but we were trying not to get frustrated and were looking forward to a summer of just living our life in one place, without too much happening. [Read more]

  4. Ease In To Motherhood

    I haven’t written a lot about becoming a mother this past year. First of all because this is a sewing blog, but also because I felt like I hadn’t gathered my thoughts about it yet. It has been such a big transition and I feel like I’ve finally come out the other end. We’ve managed to settle our life as a family. Frida is doing well, it is such a joy to see her becoming her own person now that she’s growing from baby to toddler. We’ve got a pretty good routine going for all of us, and everyone is faring well by it. So when Monserrat, Jodi and Erin announced their Ease In To Motherhood series, I found I was ready to talk about this first year of motherhood and what it has brought me. [Read more]

  5. Ultraviolet Tee

    Ultraviolet Tee, Two Ways

    A little while ago I said on Instagram that my summer wardrobe is complete, and that I didn’t feel the need to add new handmade pieces. I have been working up to this point for a few years now. My handmade pieces last me multiple summers, so there’s no need to keep adding to it. This thought gave me some headspace, a break from the never-ending list of to-sew garments. But then Erin was about to release her new oversized Tee pattern, and I realised I don’t have any handmade T-shirts. So I volunteered (very selflessly of course, hehe) to help spread the word about this new pattern. I could make some Onyx tees but frankly, after making them a dozen times I wanted to try a new pattern. [Read more]