1. Baby Bodysuit

    Tiny Couture

    So a few weeks ago I wrote about how I’m not sewing for baby, but it turns out things can change! As long as I still had a while to go it was more rewarding to sew for myself, but with only 4 weeks left I don’t see the point anymore. Instead the cute tiny clothes are tempting me now, so I’ve sewed some stuff for the baby anyway. I’ve made a couple of things on the serger, which is really fast (and such short seams!), but they’re not that special. As with my own garments, an involved project like a button down is much more satisfying, and this seemed like a tiny version of that. [Read more]

  2. Refashioning Grandma's Dress

    TST #11: Updating Grandma’s Dress

    Somehow my sewing-for-fun plans haven’t progressed much the past few weeks. Time seems to go so fast in this last stretch (6 weeks to go!), and I’m trying to balance sewing with baby prep, working, and adulting like buying a new car and wrestling with French institutions over boring admin stuff. I now also spend some time ‘resting’ every day, something I had not factored in. I’m not used to low energy levels! Not surprisingly, time consuming sewing projects get pushed to the bottom because the other stuff just has to get done. Fortunately making something from scratch isn’t the only way to fill your wardrobe gaps: refashioning can save a lot of time! As was the case with this project: just an afternoon of alterations and I have a much needed summer dress. [Read more]

  3. IPM Getaway Pattern Bundle

    Getaway Bundle Sale – Indie Pattern Month

    Have you heard of Indie Pattern Month? It’s a whole month of celebrating Indie Sewing patterns over at The Monthly Stitch. All of June they have organised fun events like a pattern swap and themed sewing contests with big prize packages. The month is almost over, but there’s still a contest running right now, called ‘RTW Copycat’. You have until June 30th to enter, but it’s open to The Monthly Stitch contributors only. You can also still vote in the ‘Hack It’ contest, the entries are so good I found it hard to pick my three favourites.  [Read more]

  4. Daily Life in a Yurt: Second Spring

    Daily Life in a Yurt: Second Spring

    After a bit of a difficult winter, it was such a relief to see the world turn green again. The change of seasons is just so much more visible in the countryside than in the city. Nature is all around you, there is no hiding from the barren trees and the browns and greys that dominate the colour palette. Seeing those first buds appear, the green haze that turns into a vibrant explosion of life has such a big impact on our mood and general outlook. Not that the weather changed that much really, but grey skies and rain are just easier to bear when everything else is coloured in all shades of green. The difference with last years’ spring could not be greater. Last year we were heading into a drought, this year half the garden has turned into a swamp. It’s the 21st of June and we still had the stove on last week! [Read more]

  5. Mathilde

    What You Made: Spring Edition

    As you’ve probably heard from every pattern designer, seeing what people make with your patterns is just the best. Which is why Me Made May is even more exciting for us, because everyone is posting outfit posts daily, and there are always so many new makes to discover. I’ve gathered my favourites here, I hope you find some inspiration for your next projects! You can find more on our Pinterest board, and if you’d like to be featured here just tag us @paprikapatterns on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. [Read more]