1. Stretch & Sew Neckband Tutorial

    Stretch & Sew Neckband Tutorial

    Today I’m going to show you my favorite way to attach a neckband to a garment. This is meant for stretch fabrics like jersey and french terry. The most common method is to divide the neckband in four, divide the neckline in four, match them up and then stretch the neckband while you sew. I also used this method in my Zircon instructions because it’s the one people are most familiar with. For this method the pattern designer provides a pattern piece for the neckband that is the right length, with a 10% or 15% stretch calculated in the pattern. [Read more]

  2. How to Sew the Zircon Yokes

    The Zircon yokes are the most time consuming step of the construction process, mostly because you need to be precise and you can’t hurry through the steps. The angular seams are an eye-catcher, and if you sew in haste the mistakes will show easily. That said, it is not actually very difficult, it just requires some patience. This tutorial will walk you through the steps. I am using the wrong side of the pink quilted jersey as the contrast fabric, I hope this isn’t too confusing. [Read more]

  3. Organise your stash

    Fuel Your Creativity by Organising Your Stash – Pt. 3

    It’s been a few months since I wrote part 1 and part 2 of these mini series, and I thought I’d report back on how my system has worked so far. The first post was about how my large stash was inhibiting my creativity, not fuelling it. Because I didn’t know what fabrics and what patterns I had, and there was no way to quickly browse through them, thinking about a new project made me indecisive rather than inspired. Instead of using great fabric I already had, I just purchased new fabric. I’ve found that organising my stash, patterns and fabric both made it easier to see what I have and to come up with new projects that didn’t require spending money. Today I’ll talk about whether this system has held up and some new insights I gained. [Read more]

  4. Onyx with lace lining by Dixie DIY

    SIM – Onyx With a Lace Lining by Dixie DIY

    On this last day of Sewing Indie Month, I’m excited to welcome Dixie from Dixie DIY Patterns to our blog! Dixie was among the first blogs I started following. She was also one of the first to publish her own PDF patterns, and her series on how to start an Indie Pattern Company were a huge help when I started out. She’s prepared a fun Onyx hack for today. Enjoy!

    Hi Paprika and SIM readers! I’m Dixie from Dixie DIY Patterns and I’m quite excited to share this nifty little Onyx Shirt hack with you. I used the Onyx Shirt as a base and did something a little different – I added a lining with lace attached to the hem. I like this look better than just sewing lace to the hem of a shirt because it looks like you’re wearing two separate tops and the layers move independent of one another. [Read more]

  5. Pattern hack: colour blocked Onyx shirt

    Pattern Hack: Colour Blocked Onyx

    Today I’ll show you how to adapt your Onyx pattern so you can make a colour blocked shirt. It’s a very simple adjustment since the cropped View B already provides us with a guideline for where to slash the pattern. I’ve made illustrations instead of photos because I still need to set up a space with good light. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments. [Read more]