Free Opal V-Neck Add-on

When we release a pattern, we always ask for volunteers to review our new garment. When we did this for the Opal Cardigan, I noticed that several reviewers had altered the neckline into a V-neck. I really liked this alteration. In fact, I had considered including it in the pattern but at that time I was too far in the process to go back and change things. The reviewers showed that my idea was a good one though, so I went and made a free add-on for the V-neck alteration!

Opal V-neck Add-on
Opal V-neck Add-on

The pattern is a simple three page PDF file with three files: a Neckline template, a Notches template, and a new Front band pattern. The neckline template can be used to draw a new V-neckline onto the front of the Opal Cardigan. The Notches template can be used to mark the notches for the new front band. The Front band pattern replaces the neckline and front band patterns that come with the original Opal Cardigan.

Opal V-neck Add-on

I love this variation! It will work particularly well with lightweight fabrics and fabrics with a lot of drape. The original squared neckline works better with heavy weight fabrics, making it more into a coatigan. I’m always looking for ways to help you get more out of a pattern, and I’m really pleased to have added this free option! You can get the Opal Cardigan here, and the free V-neck add-on here.

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