How to Fold the Jade Front

Probably the most unconventional technique used to make a Jade skirt is folding the front piece. To make this origami a little easier to grasp we made a video that shows you how to fold the front piece.

If you have any further questions let us know in the comments.


  1. Anne

    : Reply to Anne

    Hi there,
    your Jade patterns is awesome ! can’t to sew it ;)
    I can’t find the video for the folding… Do you have a working link please ?
    Thanks :)

    • Lisa Kievits


      Hi Anne, thank you for reporting this problem! We’ve fixed it now, it should be visible. Have fun sewing your Jade!

  2. Diya

    : Reply to Diya

    Came across your site now. I submitted the form . Hope I get selected for some pattern. Love your unique design for the Jade. sticking on with the newsletter.

  3. Elizabeth Anthony

    : Reply to Elizabeth

    Hi, this pattern is fantastic. Wish l could get more video from you. I will definitely use this pattern to make a jade skirt. Love it love it.

  4. Celia

    : Reply to Celia

    Finally trying out this awesome pattern. Just folded it- did ok- I had to let down the bottom fold a little so it equaled the front in length. Next big challenge is the sewing of the folds!?

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