A couple of amazing Jaspers have popped up in the last month, and I thought I’d share them with you. The amazing thing with creativity is that it takes every person in a different direction. I think a pattern only comes to its full potential when sewed up by other people than the designer. The makes below prove my point!

La Jolie Giraffe - Jasper Sweater
La Jolie Giraffe, who has some cool patterns of her own
La Jolie Giraffe - Jasper Sweater
Another one...
La Jolie Giraffe - Jasper Sweater
And another one!
Jasper Sweater by Steffi
Lovely colour combination bySteffi from 81gradnord.
Melissa's Jasper Sweater
Cool colour blocking in the hood by Melissa from Fehr Trade.
And even some in the back!
Marions Jasper Sweater
The cosiest quilted cotton (matelasse) by Marion from Gros Bécots.
Nicole's Jasper Sweater
Nicole from Manic Pop - colourful and a review that made me blush.
Inge's Jasper Jacket
Inge from Ingemaakt hacked her Jasper dress into a jacket!
And then again with the hooded version. I feel a tutorial coming up!

We’ll be doing round ups regularly, so if you want to be featured here, check the list below. These are the places where you can share your Jades and Jaspers with us and others. Don’t forget to tag us so we can admire your creations!


    • Lisa Kievits


      Coming up soon(ish) :)

  1. Cathe Hahn

    : Reply to Cathe

    I am gonna try it with just contrasting zipper colour.
    Only a half zip.
    And a kangaroo pocket.
    Check out Voormi, a startup in Pegosa Springs,CO.
    Merino wool blend.

    • Lisa Kievits


      Great idea, I’d love to see it when you finish!

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