1. Tweed Jade Skirt

    Showcase: Tweed Jade Skirt

    The great thing about sewing patterns in my opinion is that they’re just a starting point. You can play with them until you have something that makes the final garment even more awesome than the original design. Every time I come across someone who has done just that with one of our patterns it makes me so excited. I absolutely love playing a part in bringing someones imagination into reality. Today I’m showing off one of these makes: a tweed Jade Skirt by Sally Fort, aka TinkeringTimes. Below she’ll tell you what inspired her Jade skirt and how she made it. [Read more]

  2. What You Made: Spring Edition

    As you’ve probably heard from every pattern designer, seeing what people make with your patterns is just the best. Which is why Me Made May is even more exciting for us, because everyone is posting outfit posts daily, and there are always so many new makes to discover. I’ve gathered my favourites here, I hope you find some inspiration for your next projects! You can find more on our Pinterest board, and if you’d like to be featured here just tag us @paprikapatterns on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. [Read more]

  3. Maternity basics

    Mini Travel Wardrobe

    For the first time when going on a short trip, I found it very easy to pack an almost handmade wardrobe. We’ve been on a 10 day holiday to Corsica, the French island in the mediterranean sea and we could only take hand luggage. The basics I’ve made so far made a great mix and match ensemble combined with some RTW garments – it’s the closest I’ve come to a coordinated wardrobe, hehe. I made it easier by choosing blues, purples, greys and black so it would all go together. And then solids mixed with stripes, you can’t really go wrong there. [Read more]

  4. Jade Skirt View A

    Our Patterns in French – Vote Now

    Today’s post is one especially for the French speaking sewing community. I want to translate some of our patterns into French, and I need some help to decide which ones. It’s quite simple – select the patterns you’d want to see in French, and click submit! You can select more than one pattern but we won’t translate them all so choose carefully. Thanks!

    Le post d’aujourd’hui est spécialement pour la communauté de couture française. Je voudrais traduire certains de notre patrons en français, et j’ai besoin d’aide pour décider lesquels. Il est assez simple – sélectionner les patrons que vous voudriez voir en français, et cliquez submit! Vous pouvez sélectionner plus d’un patron mais nous ne pouvons pas traduire tout donc choisissez bien. Merci! [Read more]

  5. What You Made – Winter edition

    It’s been too long since I did a round up of the creations people have made with our new patterns. Did you know you can find them at any time on our Pinterest board? Just in case you need some inspiration. If you’d like us to find your garments too, tag us on social media @paprikapatterns (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) or use the pattern hashtag. A lot of great makes have popped up this Autumn and Winter and here are some of my favorites. Enjoy! [Read more]