1. Zircon: Recommended Fabric (+ Discount!)

    Let’s zoom in on what fabrics are suitable for the Zircon Sweater/Dress.The recommended fabric section in the instructions lists sweater fleece, neoprene, fleece and quilted jersey. French terry’s, jacquard and interlock or double knits can also be suitable, but with these you definitely have to check the amount of stretch. My samples have been sewn with fabrics from The Sweet Mercerie, who is generously offering a 15% discount on all her French terry, neoprene and quilted fabrics! Use the code ‘ZIRCON ‘ at the checkout. I’m very excited to offer you this, Yvonne always has a great selection of hard to get fabrics like cool sweater fleece prints. Especially lucky for those in Europe because she’s based in Portugal. [Read more]

  2. Zircon Sweater/Dress

    Introducing: Zircon Sweater/Dress

    Our newest pattern is here and we love it! The Zircon Sweater/Dress is perfect for wintertime, as a sweater with jeans or as a sweater dress with tights and booties. The silhouette is simple, relaxed and slightly cocoon shaped. This leaves all room for the geometric yokes to shine! They extend into the sleeves, creating a softly rounded shoulder. The bracelet length tapered sleeves complement the relaxed shape of the garment. Both dress and sweater have optional insets at the hem for those who cannot get enough of the geometrical details. The Zircon and all other patterns are 20% off until Sunday 00:00 CET.  [Read more]

  3. How to Sew the Zircon Yokes

    The Zircon yokes are the most time consuming step of the construction process, mostly because you need to be precise and you can’t hurry through the steps. The angular seams are an eye-catcher, and if you sew in haste the mistakes will show easily. That said, it is not actually very difficult, it just requires some patience. This tutorial will walk you through the steps. I am using the wrong side of the pink quilted jersey as the contrast fabric, I hope this isn’t too confusing. [Read more]

  4. New pattern sneak peak

    Coming up: New Pattern and Sale!

    We’re down to the last stage of finishing our new pattern! If all goes well we’ll have the launch next Tuesday. This one is a true winter pattern again, and if you follow me on Instagram you might already have seen some sneak peeks. Every release is a cause of celebration, and that’s why everything in the shop, including the new pattern, will be 20% off! I know we’ve just been bombarded with sales this past weekend, so I hope you have some room left in your budget. [Read more]

  5. FBA on a no dart bodice

    How to do a Full Bust Adjustment on a Dartless Shirt

    Another kind of Full Bust Adjustment (FBA) to add to the collection: one for a dartless bodice. This one is useful when you’re sewing the Onyx Shirt, but can be used on any sort of bodice without darts. I’ve drafted the images in Illustrator this time instead of making photo’s since I’m not completely satisfied with my photography setup at the moment. The drawings should be just as clear if not a little more abstract. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments. Before you start, please read the introduction to this post to decide whether you need and FBA to begin with. [Read more]