1. Almada Robe

    The Feeling of Glamour – Almada Robe

    I’ve been subscribed to Seamwork magazine for a few months now. To be honest, not many of the patterns that come with the magazine really spoke to me. Until the February issue, that came with the Almada Robe. It has such a gorgeous silhouette, reminiscent of Japanese kimono’s. And I had the perfect fabric too, a rayon silk from Blackbird fabrics. I had bought it just because it was so beautiful, even though the base colour, a pale yellow, doesn’t suit me at all. It has such a luxurious feeling to it that I wanted to be able to wear it frequently, but my clothing has to have a measure of practicality. Enter the Almada: the perfect solution to my problem! You can wear a robe every morning if you want to, you don’t leave the house in it so no risk of snags or mud, and who cares if the colour doesn’t suit me if hardly anyone will see it. This robe for me is all about feeling beautiful, not looking beautiful. Or, to quote Sarai: hidden glamour. [Read more]

  2. Nettie Dress

    Wool/Cashmere Dress & News

    In this post I want to share some news with you, and show off my new Nettie dress. The Nettie is made with the most delicious wool jersey blend, bought last year at the meetup in Paris. Unfortunately I didn’t snap a pic of the label, but it said something like wool, cashmere, alpaca, maybe even baby bunny – aka a Most Heavenly Blend. I had two pieces of 1,5 meter, one greyish and one blueish. I made Stef a sweater with the blue one. Which he lost this summer, *insert mumbled curses*. So the other 1,5 was definitely meant for me, and I made a Nettie dress with it.

    What? Oh, I should have started with the News? Well read on :) [Read more]

  3. Cable Knit Sweater

    Cable Knit Sweater

    A few years ago I bought a mens sweater at a thrift store, meant for Stef. It was a bit snug on him and comfortably oversized on me, so I kept it for myself. It was never a very beautiful sweater, but I still wore it a lot. It was big enough that I could throw it over anything else I was wearing. I think every wardrobe needs a sweater like that, a go-to sweater when it’s cold or you’re just not feeling great and you want to have the next best thing to a blanket. Holes started to appear last winter though, so I thought it time to replace it with one I knitted myself. It became my most ambitious knitting project so far, but I had so much fun designing and knitting the cables. [Read more]

  4. Ginger Jeans

    Happy Holidays

    This was actually going to be a post showing my new jeans, but somehow I can’t bring myself to do a photoshoot right now. Maybe it’s end-of-the-year-fatigue or maybe it’s because we’re in the middle of finishing a new pattern for testing, but they’ll have to wait. I can already tell you there a success though, even though sewing them was a major struggle. I had to hand sew the button loops, bar tacks and the buttonhole because 5 layers of heavy denim is apparently more than my machine can take. Fortunately it was all worth it! [Read more]

  5. Travel Outfit

    Hand Made Travel Outfit

    Did you know I’ve never owned sweatpants before in my life? Somehow I never thought I’d need them. I have a pair of ‘chill pants’, one of those striped ones everybody who traveled in Peru 10 years ago had. I think they’re even my oldest piece of clothing that is still in rotation. I made my sweatpants as a first sample of a pattern I’m working on, and even though the pattern needs to be tweaked, I’ve found it really hard to take them off! They are so incredibly comfortable I want to wear nothing else. I understand the danger of sweatpants now, they make you want to ignore every style advise ever. Comfort is what you need on long cross-country drives though. Last week we paid a short visit to the Netherlands and for the first time I had the perfect hand made travel outfit for the 12 hour drive. [Read more]