1. Baby blanket quilt

    On (Not) Sewing for Baby

    When you’re pregnant and you sew, a question you often get is ‘Have you made something for baby yet?’. I know I was looking forward to diving into this new realm where everything is made out of unicorn and rainbow cuteness, but until now my answer has been ‘no’. First it was ‘no, we’re waiting to find out the gender’, but after we found out, I still didn’t feel like it. I was even starting to get worried a bit – was this a sign of denial, or fear or some kind? But no, the main reason for me is sustainability. When I sew for myself, I want to make my clothes in a way that they last as long as possible. Baby’s grow so fast in their first year that they’ll be growing out of their precious handmades in just a matter of weeks. Even though the cuteness appeals to me, I don’t feel like putting time and money into something that will only get worn a handful of times. [Read more]

  2. Sahara Shirt

    Double Gauze, Double Size

    My maternity wardrobe started off with some basic jersey things, but I knew I wanted to make some more involved things too. I do get why you’d want to wear only the most comfortable things as you get more uncomfortable in your body. For the moment I feel fine though. and I can’t see why I couldn’t just bring my style into maternity wear. The one I’m showing off here is a mix between what I see as my style, and a new to me shape. Spoiler alert: I love it and it makes me feel fabulous! That the fabric is a luscious soft double gauze certainly helps, and I’m so glad I put aside my doubts and just went for it.  [Read more]

  3. Maternity basics

    Mini Travel Wardrobe

    For the first time when going on a short trip, I found it very easy to pack an almost handmade wardrobe. We’ve been on a 10 day holiday to Corsica, the French island in the mediterranean sea and we could only take hand luggage. The basics I’ve made so far made a great mix and match ensemble combined with some RTW garments – it’s the closest I’ve come to a coordinated wardrobe, hehe. I made it easier by choosing blues, purples, greys and black so it would all go together. And then solids mixed with stripes, you can’t really go wrong there. [Read more]

  4. Sahara_RP

    Maternity Wardrobe Ideas

    Allright, the first pregnant lady post! I’ve been diving into maternity wear lately, and guys, it is SO BORING. I’ve been looking at patterns as well as RTW and it’s just so much of the same. Pencil skirts and dresses with gathers at the side seam are prevalent, all in drab colours. Who wants to look like that for 9 (ok maybe 6) months? So I’m on a mission to craft a fun wardrobe and maybe get some ideas for patterns too. Funny thing is, I’ve talked to a few other designers about maternity wear and they all had the same thought when pregnant. In the end, it’s just a couple of months where you actually have a belly and can test your designs. And that’s not enough to develop a maternity line. So we’ll see where this ends! [Read more]