1. Pattern Magic 3

    Pattern Magic 3 – Review

    This year on my birthday I was surprised with a book I didn’t even know was coming out – Pattern Magic 3. I have the other three books, 1,2 and Stretch Fabrics, and as you know I’m fascinated by them. A few years back I attempted to make something from the books each month, but I didn’t get further than May. I still long to go back to this project, the pattern manipulation is just mind boggling and really gives you a totally different perspective on what you can do with a flat piece of paper/fabric. For now, I’ll stick to discussing this new addition to the series. Enjoy! [Read more]

  2. Pattern Magic: Cowl Back Tee

    Pattern Magic: Cowl Back Tee

    So! First pattern magic post in a long time. I wanted to start simple and potentially wearable so I chose Studio faro’s Drape Back Tee. Studio Faro’s approach is not much different than the Pattern Magic books: a short explanation of how to manipulate the pattern, minimal measurements and no construction methods explained. This makes it more of an adventure I think, you just have to eyeball most of the measurements, make up your own construction order and then hope for the best. Fun! [Read more]

  3. Julian Roberts

    Pattern Magic Inspiration

    Hurray, it’s time for the continuation of the Pattern Magic series! Back in 2013 I wanted to make one pattern from the Pattern Magic books each month, but got stranded after month 5. We were preparing for our big trip, I was working during the day and drafting the Jade in the evenings, and there just wasn’t any time left. I am excited to get started again, I have found more Pattern Magic sources and I intend to use them all! [Read more]

  4. PPM5 Facings 2

    PPM #5 Playing with Facings

    This is the first project of the second book. It was hard to choose one, there are so many interesting patterns in this book. But I decided to start with something simple and wearable. There’s a series for patterns that show how to alter the neckline by altering the facing. Marianna already showed one of them on a dress. An interesting concept, changing the outside by shaping from within. [Read more]

  5. Tie a Bow 6

    How to Tie a Bow

    Today I’ll show you how to tie a nice bow on the Musubu dress (or any other dress with a bow). Tying a bow when you’re looking at it from above can take some attempts to get it right. Follow the steps below and you”ll get it right the first time! [Read more]