1. Daily Life in the Morvan - 3rd Winter

    Daily Life in the Morvan – Third Winter

    Our third winter has again been quite different from the past two. I wasn’t looking forward to it because last winter seemed to be hard and lasted forever. Due to our multiple moves it seemed like spring came around much faster. This winter’s theme has been ‘doing nothing’. Ofcourse we haven’t really been doing nothing, but we just wanted to get some rest, and not make any immediate plans. After our second move to our current house, I was completely drained. I was still feeling the after effects of having a baby, the brain fog was only just starting to lift. We desperately needed to get some rest. And winter is perfect for that: there is not much to do in the garden, the weather isn’t very inviting most of the time, and our new (to us) couch has a high snuggle-up factor. [Read more]

  2. Daily Life in the Morvan: Second Autumn

    Months before Frida was born I knew having her would mean our yurt life would come to an end. It’s not that living in a yurt with a baby is impossible. We actually really enjoyed the two months that we had with her in the yurt. But we had been living with a certain amount of comfort that costs more energy than a more conventional lifestyle. The yurt is great in the summer, but the comfort level definitely goes down in the winter. Having a baby already takes so much energy on all kinds of levels, I felt like I couldn’t handle much more than that. We felt that this was the time to go back to a more conventional lifestyle, which for us meant moving to a house. [Read more]

  3. Daily Life in a Yurt: Second Summer

    Daily Life in a Yurt: Second Summer

    It is with a bittersweet feeling that I write this post, for this summer has been our last season in the yurt, at least for a while. When we moved in on Christmas eve 2014, we thought it would be just a temporary solution, for a couple of months at the most. We started looking for a piece of land to buy right away, thinking it wouldn’t take too long for us to find something. As we’ve learned (and heard from others in similar situations), ‘temporary’ is always longer than you think. A few months turned into almost two years, and though the search for land has been a bit frustrating at times, living in the yurt, for the most part, certainly hasn’t. We’ve tried to enjoy the yurt as much as possible this summer, although we had a lot of other stuff on our mind as well. [Read more]

  4. Daily Life in a Yurt: Second Spring

    Daily Life in a Yurt: Second Spring

    After a bit of a difficult winter, it was such a relief to see the world turn green again. The change of seasons is just so much more visible in the countryside than in the city. Nature is all around you, there is no hiding from the barren trees and the browns and greys that dominate the colour palette. Seeing those first buds appear, the green haze that turns into a vibrant explosion of life has such a big impact on our mood and general outlook. Not that the weather changed that much really, but grey skies and rain are just easier to bear when everything else is coloured in all shades of green. The difference with last years’ spring could not be greater. Last year we were heading into a drought, this year half the garden has turned into a swamp. It’s the 21st of June and we still had the stove on last week! [Read more]

  5. Daily Life in a Yurt: 2nd Winter

    Daily Life in a Yurt: Second Winter

    I thought I’d stop writing these posts after I wrote about all four seasons in our yurt. As it turns out, the way we’ve experienced this second winter is very different from the first one and I feel it is important to add to the story. I am wondering now if every new season won’t be different from the years before. I know for sure this year will not be the same! So, this winter. When writing the last Daily Life post, at the end of Autumn, I wrote about how we’d reached a point where the enthusiasm doesn’t carry you as far anymore. Doubts start to creep in, and the great amount of options you have actually don’t make it easier. I’ll tell you now that I’m writing this from the other side – we’ve gone through and we’ve come out, though it took us almost all winter to do so. [Read more]