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  1. Negroni front 1

    Negroni the Second

    Part two of the quest to create the Perfect Shirt for Stef! I can already tell you that there will be a part 3 somewhere in the future, because this one still needs some fine-tuning. For the second and what I hoped to be the final version I used a medium weight linen-viscose blend. The viscose gives the linen some stability and also some stretch, which makes for a lovely fluid fabric. I bought it in Italy for pretty cheap, but in this case that doesn’t say much about the quality. I only got 2 meters instead of the recommended 2 7/8 yards, but it worked without too much trouble. I almost ruined this fabric by using the wrong detergent (a homemade one made from wood ashes). It has some light discolouring stains because of this, but they’re pretty evenly spread out and Stef doesn’t mind. [Read more]

  2. Summer Outfit 1

    Summer Outfit

    I’ve started to read Sarai’s series The Wardrobe Architect and could very much relate to her first post. I am too much led by shiny fabrics instead of looking at how to complement my existing wardrobe. I make too much stand alone pieces that don’t go with much else in either fabric, colour, print or style. The result is a wardrobe without cohesion and time lost each morning when choosing what to wear. This outfit is a start to fixing my wardrobe.  [Read more]

  3. Archer front 2

    A Shirt to Match the Clouds

    I wonder if you’re not sick of looking at Archers… They seem to be everywhere! I’m not sick of making or wearing them though, so please bear with me :) I loved making my first Archer but it needed some serious adjustments to become the shirt I had envisioned. I wanted it big and slouchy and boyfriend-shirt-like, not preppy-office-shirt-like. Travel gear has to be comfortable! I ordered the fabric of this one straight after I made the first one, at the same store (guess where…). Before we hit the road back in December I cut our three projects and this was one of them. [Read more]

  4. Embroidery result

    Fun Repairwork With Embroidery

    I hear you thinking – how can repair work be fun?? It seems that mending clothes is one of the things a sewist dreads the most. Mending for others? Even worse! I am no exception, my repair pile is usually quite high. For me this has to do with aesthetics and the satisfaction of creating something beautiful. The thing that makes repair work so annoying for me is that you are usually not creating something pretty. Yes, it is wearable again, but does it look as good as before the tear? Even with a well done patch it’s usually a compromise at best. [Read more]

  5. SJ front 2

    Sloppy Jo & What We’re up to

    This blogpost is coming to you from within the cosy walls of a Mongolian yurt! We’re not in Mongolia though, but in the hills of la Marche, Italy. We’re alternating short periods of travelling with one month stays at organic farms (wwoofing). We’ve been travelling for five months now, and it seems we’ve figured out the right balance between travelling and working. The travel periods allow us to see different places and give the travel experience. The wwoofing gives us temporary homes where we learn a broad range of new skills, and also have a comfortable place (with internet!) to work on Paprika Patterns. [Read more]